Monday, June 9, 2014

PD Resources using Aurasma, Keynote, + QR Codes

Hello all!

Throughout this year, I helped curate and create professional development resources for the district. I put together a little 'cheat sheet' that I have attached below to walk you through it. It was a very reflective process and taught me a lot of tips and tricks using Aurasma, Keynote, and QR codes.

The way that this particular project began was a with a way to host all of the professional development session presentations. This was a new concept for my district. It was the first time where all 70+ breakout sessions were hosted by actual teachers in the district. Since it is not humanly possible to attend 70+ sessions in one day, we thought that hosting all of the presentations in easy to locate spot would be the next best choice. I created these 'presenter bios' in Keynote and attached them to the institute day logo, 'iLearn' (steps listed below).

Presenter Bios:
1. Create template in Keynote
2. Gather all information from each presenter (names, titles, presentation title, presentation links, etc)
3. Add all of the information under each presenter (make sure the links are active!)
4. Save Keynote as a PDF
5. Upload to a website to be accessed
6. Create QR code of the website
7. Scan and access presentations

As the PD team in my district got to thinking, why not have a welcome video attached to the bios as well? +Marilyn McManus created an awesome welcome video for the whole staff to watch to welcome them to the big day. She created a separate video for each of the two PD days on January 20 + March 18 of this year. The first one she created was using the camera on her phone and the second session, she created the video using the Tellagami app. This was a fun way to get the teachers acquainted with an app that they could use in their own classrooms! She then sent me the direct video file (links do not work!) which I uploaded to Aurasma to be scanned and watched.

Welcome Video:
1. Create video (camera, tellagami, etc)
2. Upload to YouTube
3. Create an Aurasma Studio account
6. Create a channel in AurasmaStudio (iLearn BSD Channel, make it public for others to view)
4. Upload a trigger image (iLearn image)
5. Add an overlay (video) using the actual video file
7. Attach the overlay to the trigger image
8. Make sure that the overlaid image is connected to your channel
9. Share information on how to subscribe to your channel (people have to follow your channel to see your aura!)
10. Scan

Follow these directions to scan using Layar, Aurasma, or QR codes. Have fun!

Please contact me if you have any questions at all! Good luck + Happy Summer!