Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My Ten Best Skills

Last year I was challenged to generate a list of my top 10 skills. With this being a new year, I thought it would be nice to review my ten best skills. I do have to admit it was difficult to come up with your 'best skills'. But here is the list I came up with...

  • Encouraging others with a positive attitude and a friendly smile 
  • Curating apps that compliment lessons to help take student + teacher learning 'above the line' 
  • Thinking like a classroom teacher
  • Taking on new challenges and persevering to accomplish the ‘unknown’
  • Collaborating + learning with others 
  • Sharing my excitement on a project’s possibilities + working together to create, support + follow through to the end
  • Managing iPad workflow 
  • Compiling resources for teachers in an organized + useful manner 
  • Integrating current research into lessons on the SAMR model
  • Maintaining a healthy + happy work-life balance 

My goal for myself is to maintain the ten listed skills this year when working with teachers across the district. This is my first year without a classroom and to be honest, it has been strange not starting the year with one. I am missing out on the precious relationships with one entire classroom that are created during the first days of school. But I am realizing that I get to create relationships with more than just one classroom in just one school!!!

In my position as an iCoach, I feel lucky that I get to meet so many classrooms and create relationships with all of them! So I wanted to say thank you to all of you lovely teachers who have let me pop into your classrooms or help with beginning of the year tasks +Kara WesolowskiSarah Berry+Paul Norwich+Beth Zeller+Sally Mc Cormick+Jodi Pasowicz+Angela Joseph+Meg Hanisch, +Bill Jacklin,  +Amanda Green , +Michael Saracini , and +Chrissy Lukasiewicz

Congrats on your first week of the 2014/2015 classroom :) Have a great second week.