Monday, September 29, 2014

EdTech Teacher Workshops

I wanted to share a really unique experience that I had this summer working with EdTech Teacher. It started with a phone call from +Shannon Soger in the beginning of June when she contacted me about an assistant position for an EdTech Teacher workshop. Considering the workshop was nearby and right up my alley, I thought 'why not!"  I accepted knowing little to nothing about the company. To my surprise, it turned into two transformative experiences with ETT Workshops: Summer 2014 Teaching with Technology.

The first workshop I assisted was led by +Shawn McCusker and consisted of teachers from all across the country who were eager and excited to learn how to integrate iPads into the curriculum. His workshop was filled with knowledge, positivity, and humor. He taught me so much about how to keep the integration focused on pedagogy rather than the app itself. Brief overview below - 

Workshop Name: The iPad Classroom

  • Conduct sessions that allow for individualized PD
  • Begin with "mini lessons" on a topic
  • Allow time for working on projects that reinforce the mini-lesson 
  • Use classroom strategies 
  • Incorporate hands-on activities 
  • Archive, share, learn together!
  • Patience is key 
  • Show your personality 
  • Genuinely get to know your audience 

Instructor: +Beth Holland 
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My Favorite project: Fluency: Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!
Check out the Sched here and register here.  
Hope to see you in Boston! 
Workshop Name: The iPad Classroom
Instructor: +Shawn McCusker 
Resources: The iPad Classroom Google Site
My Biggest take-away: The 4Cs in the Classroom 

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The second opportunity was just a few weeks later with +Beth Holland. Little did I know this workshop would be just as interesting and engaging as the previous one. Beth's unique sense of engaging the audience is truly authentic and provides for a nurturing and collaborative learning atmosphere. Her workshop consisted of hands-on activities and also focused on the pedagogy through talks on how to meet student needs while incorporating teacher collaboration. Brief overview below - 

Resources: Technology in the Elementary Classroom
My Biggest take-away: 
The C-R-C-D Framework

My overall take-aways on what to include in a workshop: 

So this was my introduction to EdTech Teacher and now I am so happy to say that +Ramona Towner and I will be presenting at their EdTech Teacher iPad Summit in Boston in November! Our session will be "Bringing PLC's to Life with Google+"