Monday, October 20, 2014

#Learnin4D visits #BSD100

What did I learn this month? DAQRI!
Team DAQRI Education visited South Berwyn District 100 just a few weeks ago. DAQRI Education consists of 2Guys - +Drew Minock and +Brad Waid. They were both previous classroom teachers and have since moved on to promote, train and educate schools around the world on the augmented reality program: DAQRI. In the last few months, our district was chosen as 1 of 5 districts across the world!
You are probably wondering "How did we get so lucky to have DAQRI come to us?" Due to the greatness of twitter, +Ramona Towner and +Shannon Soger were able to connect with +Drew Minock and +Brad Waid and begin the educational friendship between DAQRI and BSD100.
Needless to say, they came for their first visit the first week of October. 
On Thursday, Brad and Drew hung out at our iLead meeting and were gracious enough to give their feedback, tips and tricks that they have learned from previous conferences. (iLead is a group of leaders in the district who are planning our iEngage event this May, blog post on iEngage to come this week). Their knowledge on events was helpful for us to wrap our head around what people would love to see and experience from an event such as iEngage.
On Thursday night, just after our iLead meeting - +Drew Minock and +Brad Waid held their 2Guys Show right from our iCoach office! +Shannon Soger and +Ramona Towner did a great job showcasing BSD100 and all of the learning that takes place across the district. Even though you can't see us, I was behind the scenes with +Mo Gorman+Sue Butler, and +Allison LaFalce and it was an absolute hoot to watch these four get into their #edtech groove.

Check it out! Thanks, +Drew Minock and +Brad Waid for visiting BSD 100. Looking forward to sharing more experiences that are made across the district!

Next up came our Friday Training in Pershing's brand new PD room.  They asked me what my favorite part of the training was when they left and I have to say that my fav part was that the PD came to us! As educators we are scrambling for time where we can create, explore, and use our time to develop experiences for our students. This is exactly what Drew and Brad created for us: creation, exploration, and time to develop an experience. After time spent creating 'experiences' with teachers across the district, I decided to create this DAQRI for our recent institute day.