Thursday, October 23, 2014

My first tweet!

I was just reminded the other day that just one year ago I was approved by the BOE for my position as an iCoach. Woah - I cannot believe it's been a year! 

This got me thinking even more and I began to wonder: when did I first create my twitter account? and even further: what was my first tweet? 

Well it turns out Twitter tells you when you joined, which is great and after some research and a reminder from a friend, I came across this site on how to find your first tweet: #FirstTweet
I actually laughed out-loud when I saw that this was my first tweet. Too funny! So even though I joined Twitter in February 2011, I waited a whole two and a half years to post my most meaningful tweet to date, haha. AND oddly enough, tomorrow marks my one year tweet-versary! 
Then I looked at how many tweets I have and you guys....I think I am addicted to Twitter. 
Well, what are you waiting for? Go check out your first tweet and share it out with  #MyFirstTweet

So without further ado - @jg_jgarrett's first tweet: