Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hour of Code

After a productive week of coding, I am excited to announce the BSD100 #hourofcode results from December 8 - 14, 2014. Freedom Middle School was the winner with 1,749 hours of coding last week! Wow! 

What an accomplishment! Congratulations to all students, teachers, and admins for their hard work coding last week. If you were a participating classroom, your certificates will be delivered this week.

+Erin Bracco Students

iSWAT: Ambassadors of Knowledge worked hard at creating #hourofcode videos to engage their schools. Please check it out.

                                       Hour of Code AoK Blendspace

Komensky Coders
Freedom:  1,749 hours 
Heritage: 930 hours 
Pershing:  625 hours 
Komensky: 404 hours
Piper: 308 hours 
Irving: 358 hours 
Emerson: 287 hours
Hiawatha: 298 hours  

                            +Jaclyn Ricchio Student
                   PBJ Coding with +Margaret Daly Class