Monday, January 12, 2015

New Year, New Goals

With a new year in full swing, it gives me the opportunity to create goals for the upcoming year. In fact, after reading Beth Holland’s post on her reflections from the year, it has encouraged me to reflect back on the last year and think about how I can improve moving forward.

Reflections: “The NEW"

1. New job

Last year, I was new to instructional coaching. Coaching has been such a learning experience for me and I will forever be grateful to everyone who has helped me develop in the role. It has had its ups and downs but overall I have learned that my PLN is my biggest resource and it can not be underestimated. This includes an extra special thank you to my co-workers, +Shannon Soger +Ramona Towner +Todd Bittorf +Sue Butler as well as my entire PLN from twitter.

2. Presenting...

is hard! Presenting at conferences (outside my district) was new for me in 2014 and there is definitely a learning curve to it. As much as I love presenting, it is a lot more prepping and planning physically and mentally than I could have thought. I have learned some tips and tricks to keep in my back pocket from the various presenters that I have been lucky to see. But the most important piece is the valuable feedback from people. I am Looking forward to developing my presentation skills at ICE in February!

3. Blogging

Blogging has been on my list of things to conquer since the beginning of 2014. I was a serious slacker about blogging in the beginning. This was until August when I have since tried to blog on at least a monthly basis. Coming up with ideas to write about at first was difficult but now I have been enjoying writing about my experiences. It is nice to keep a place where I can express what I have learned. Even more so, I love the blog platform as a place to receive feedback. 

Resolutions: “Put into PRACTICE"


My number one goal is to start using SAMR terms in my everyday planning. As an instructional coach, I am constantly thinking about SAMR, however, I want to make a more deliberate choice to start using the actual words 'Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition’ more often when I am discussing lessons I taught, saw, or planned. 

2. Connect with classrooms

I love connecting with classrooms from all over. It gives the students a bigger audience that they can connect with. In addition, it gives their work an opportunity to be seen by someone besides a teacher! I would love to connect with classrooms from another country. Interested? Please reach out to me.

3. Complete #student4aday Challenge

Last month, Carl Hooker wrote about his #student4aday Challenge where he acted as a student for a day. He reflected on how much insight it gave him into the students' minds. I would love to accept this challenge sometime soon to get a glimpse into the eyes of a student in our 1:1 district. If I roll it out soon enough, I may even have the opportunity to do each grade. Fingers crossed!

4. Giving my blog teacher and student voice

Still in the brainstorming process of this goal...any ideas are welcomed!

5. #givepresence (stolen from Lululemon)

This is a personal goal of mine as well. With iPads, phones, and Computers constantly around, I am always finding it difficult to be fully present due to the constant distractions of beeps/rings/buzzes. 2015 will be the year that I #givepresence.

Bring it on, 2015!