Tuesday, March 31, 2015

SAMR March Madness Competition

In the spirit of March Madness, Heritage Middle School educators +Allison Timpe +Paul Norwich and +Davis Richards created a unique competition for students.

The March Madness Competition was created with SAMR in mind. In order to participate, students were required to create a 3-4 person team from Heritage Middle School who all needed to complete the below tasks.

Winners of March Madness Competition
1st Prize: medals and lunch
2nd Prize: medals
All teams may dress down that day-team uniform

S: Taking photos of their spaghetti tower
A: Trivia using questions submitted by each teacher around the school. Questions were then compiled Kahoot for an interactive trivia contest with the groups.
M: An engineering/math activity that involves a balloon slingshot in which the students compete for accuracy.  The math is somewhat complicated, requiring trig, but there are some online programs that do the heavy lifting for you.  Students could use the balloon sling and a Newton spring scale to calculate initial velocity and then use that to predict distance.  This activity is fun if a teacher in a poncho places him/herself down range and the students see if they can use math to calculate an accurate firing solution.
R: Show What You Know & Can Do…compile resources together for a grade level
safe resources
-Because of twitter, +Paul Norwich had seen a few other classes I was working with around the district and suggested that we team up with a teacher who shares their work. +Grace Kowalski , a third grade teacher and I had been working together for about two weeks at that time and she was willing to jump right in and participate. The idea was that the HMS students would be given a challenge. 

Video Prompt: "We’re team Kowalski and we are going to learn about the states. We just made iMovies for the first time so we want you to come up another challenge to show what we know using our computers. We challenge you to come up with a project for us to show what we know after we learning about the STATES!"

Now I am excited to announce that all the students are in the midst of creating their very own research iBooks on States and Capitals thanks to the connection. The students are taking an ordinary task of learning about a state and capital and pushing it above the line by involving other students across the district for creation, research advice, and overall feedback. The hope is that the winning group has the opportunity to visit Irving Elementary School either through FaceTime or in person for the final presentations and viewing party.