Wednesday, March 16, 2016

#student4aday Freedom Middle School

Today I had the opportunity to sit in on an 8th grade Social Studies class with Mr. Saracini. I wanted to take the chance and sit through what a class period in the life of an 8th grader was like. To really sit, listen, and interact as if I was a student. I popped into the class right when the bell rang, had a seat in an empty chair at a table, opened up Schoology and got started listening to the mini lesson and directions.

The essential question for today's lesson was to: Explain how financial choices can hurt or help people, companies, and society.

The lesson started with a short video explaining the market. Following, Mr. Saracini shared real life examples that connected the stock market to his own life. For example, he shared how he invested in a "small" company called WalMart several years ago, he ended up making quite a bit of money on this "little" company, cashed in his earnings after a few years and had the chance to pay off all of his student loans due to his smart investment. How impressive! We learned what can happen with a smart investment!

We then discussed supply and demand. The students provided their own examples: Kylie Jenner lipstick, Yeezys, Black Friday shopping...I love kid examples 😉.

Documenting our trading
The activity for this class was to invest in the stock market. We were paired up and given $50 to invest however we wanted in 5 different companies. There was student-led bank that facilitated the transactions. We tracked our investments through a sheet in Notability. My partner was Jesus. We had to engage in conversations and problem solving skills in order to determine how to trade.

Trading Table 
During the first round our shares increased from $5/share to $12/share. At the end of the few rounds of trading, Jesus and I were bummed because our rates dropped to $2/share.  It was a great learning experience that provided them with background knowledge on trading and investing before they moved on to their larger project the following week. When we were close to finishing Jesus said "All that stress, if you make one wrong move you could lose it all!"


The Bank 
I can't wait to go back and see what they do next. Here are a few snapshots of the Freedom Trading Floor.

- Jordan