Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Lucky students in D100

Today we had the pleasure of hosting the second site visit for D100 this school year! Today was a great day to welcome visitors in and show the positive and supportive environments that you provide for our students each day. The visitors were a small group from Forest Ridge  They sent their ‘technology task force’’ which was made of a 1st and 8th grade teacher, curriculum director, technology director and elementary and middle school principal. Their focus was to determine ways to enhance and transform learning in their buildings. 

The visit took place at Emerson + Heritage and we had the opportunity to pop into several classrooms. Some examples included utilizing Classkick to provide quick and efficient feedback, researching individual topics and compiling their work in a collaborative Google Slides presentation, as well as sharing a pilot class who is using Apple Classroom to streamline workflow. 
Site Visit Snippets:
  1. Accessibility is key!
  • Laura Grieger enables dictation with her 2nd graders - she said that speaking into the devices helps her students share their thoughts.  
  1. Tech Tip! 
  • has great resources for ideas on how use tools for formative assessment and foster creativity on the iPad.
Education is a powerful tool and D100 students are lucky to have you as their teachers. 
Thank you for inviting us into your classrooms.