Friday, December 9, 2016

A snapshot of learning at Emerson!

On Berwyn South School District 100’s 6th site visit of the school year, Emerson hosted 30, 3rd-5th grade teachers from Orland Park. Their classrooms are currently 1:1 with iPads but they visited to ‘be reignited an gain new ideas.’

The visit was so valuable and inspiring to them that at the end of the visit, a couple of teachers wanted to share their experience with you through short clips and quotes. Be sure to check them out below! 

Video + Quotes 
  • Sketchnote from @iCoachLindsey 
  • “Based on what you saw, what do you wish you were already implementing?”
  • "I noticed the happiness of teachers and kids, consistency, confidence of kids (and teachers) and well done procedures and expectations"
  • “Students were engaged in learning activities and were collaborating. Students used a variety of apps to practice skills and there were conducive learning environments" 
  • “The teachers were integrating technology naturally. Students have choices and being on task."
  • “It was a a very enjoyable day. I enjoyed watching the students seamlessly move through there stations all while integrating technology."
  • “Amazing! Be proud of everyone's hard work. You can tell teachers are facilitators and classrooms are so differentiated.”
  • “I was so impressed with how each class was organized & how purposeful each activity was. Students were engaged & worked well in their groups."

Congratulations on creating engaging learning environments for your students! Enjoy your weekend!