Friday, December 2, 2016

Change your words, change your mindset!

During the fourth visit of this school year, Freedom graciously hosted over 25 middle school educators from Orland Park District 135. We had the chance to visit classrooms at every grade level and see the 4Cs - communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creation - in action! The visitors was extremely inspired by the amount of flexible seating available for students, how iSWAT supports each school, and how QR codes can help streamline work (exit tickets, bathroom slips, etc).

As you end your Friday, I would like to leave you with quotes and images that speak volumes to what others see happening with student learning in district 100!

Site Visit Quotes:
  • "Students and staff alike were welcoming and open to interaction with guests. Jim and his staff should be commended on an amazing learning environment!”
  • “Seeing the students all working in the way that best fit them was inspiring. The flexibility of the room and streamlined behavior management and classroom routines were great!"
  • "The 4Cs were completely visible as was the student learning!
  • "The engagement of the students was impressive!”
  • "Berwyn 100 is truly a beacon for education. This district exemplifies doing what is best for kids!"  
A Thank you from Orland Superintendent…”Our head is about to explode with all of the amazing work that is happening here...Thank you for letting us come into your building as complete strangers and sharing a typical day with us. We are able to take back what we saw and transform classrooms immediately!

Thank YOU! Be sure to check out the amazing Sketchnotes created by 3 of the visitors on their visit at Freedom - the images say it all!