Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Heritage + Pershing Site Visit - 12.19.16

On Berwyn South School District 100’s 7th site visit of the school year, Pershing and Heritage hosted 10 educators from Cook County District 104MyON  and Orland School District 135. They were visiting to understand and see how to embrace 1:1, collaborate with district nearby and identify ways to utilize technology to personalize learning for students with special needs. 

During the visit, we posted ‘takeaways’ on a Today’s Meet to start a conversation about what learning looked like while focusing on the 4C’s (Communication, Creation, Collaboration, and Critical Thinking). In addition, they wanted to be sure to share these quotes below. Be sure to check out this video too!
  • “Collaboration (was seen) through Twitter-grow as a staff-staff to create individual hashtag."
  • "I enjoyed seeing the students so engaged in their school work! The use of technology was purposeful.”
  • "Collaboration and creativity = love seeing all the spaces for recording and creating in every nook throughout the building."
  • "All students (were) actively engaged. Evidence of wonderful collaborative practices between students. Great variety of differentiation."
  • "Always so impressed by the maturity of D100 students as they talk to visitors and explain their work."

    The visitors mentioned several times that even on this snowy, cold day, walking into Pershing and Heritage  they felt it was a warm, friendly, and welcoming school environment filled with engaged students! What a great place to learn! 
 Enjoy your time off with families and friends! Happy Holidays! See you in 2017 :)