Thursday, December 8, 2016

Hiawatha in Action

During the fifth visit of this school year, Hiawatha welcomed 30 K-2 teachers from Orland Park District 135. The visitors have 6-8 iPads in each classroom however, their district is interested in embarking on a full 1:1 program. They were visiting D100 to see what 1:1 looked like in action in a classroom and how teachers planned for differentiated instruction to help meet the needs of their varying learners. 

The group was so eager to share their immediate impressions of their visit so we compiled them into a quick video below. In addition, the sketchnote above was created by OSD135’s iCoach, Lindsey! 

Video prompt:
 “Based on what you experienced at Hiawatha, what do you want to implement tomorrow?"

Thank you for inviting us into your classrooms + allowing your students to share their work!