Tuesday, March 7, 2017

#ICE17 in Jordan's Mind!

Have you attended a conference and had a challenging time sharing what you learned? I do!!! I wish people could HOP into my mind and learn with me! This is a huge reason why I love Twitter but I just came across these questions last week and use them to breakdown my learning from the ICE Conference and wanted to share them with you. 

  • What are the top sessions you learned from attending/presenting?
  • What are the top sessions/topics that you would like to take back to your campus to impact change?
    • Life as a Coach with +Megan Ryder - her real life examples, experiences, tips and tricks really made an impact with me. I loved all of her ideas on how to build relationships and she reminded us as coaches that building the relationships is the most important part of our job! 
  • What are the top sessions/topics that challenged your beliefs?
    • Science of Innovation with +Shawn McCusker  - he allowed us to begin to think of Innovation as a way to build something together. 
  • Who was someone you connected with that impacted you?
    • The Orland District 135 coaches! They have challenged my thinking since day 1 of connecting with them this last year. They have brought over 40 people from their district to come learn with +Berwyn South District 100 and we are so grateful for the learning opportunities that have come out of this partnership. They have learned alongside us - thank you Chris Bohula, Kristin Beeler, Lindsey Zilly and of course our former Michelle Thorne
  • Who are the top people that engaged you?
    • Jason and Jessie from Killdeer were such great duo to chat with. Not only did I have the chance to learn with them at our design thinking workshop but I also had the chance to see how they used Schoology to drive their professional development! Thank you for learning with me! 
  •  What are the top resources you found most impactful?
    • Barrington 220 inspired me with their TPACK Student teams! This is something I am going to try with our iSWATBSD teams.
  • What are the top pieces of research or studies you feel are most impactful for our students and/or teachers?
    • In the keynote, Eric Sheninger noted that flexible seating environments can positively impact student learning by 25%! 
  • How will I share my new discoveries from this event with my staff?
    • I will share this information in three different ways. 

    I challenge YOU +Annie Forest +Jen Lehotsky +Ramona Towner to share your reviews of #ICE17 on your blogs! 

    Thanks, +Carl Hooker Lisa Johnson @TechChef4U and for the list to help me synthesize the learning at #ICE17! 
    Questions borrowed from: https://hookedoninnovation.com/2017/03/02/sxswedu-2017-manifesto/ 

    - Jordan