Monday, March 20, 2017

Mash Up of My First #SXSWEdu

I had the opportunity to attend SXSWedu this month and it was by far the most beneficial conference I have attended! The people I had the chance to connect with were forward thinking, the sessions were engaging, and the panels were thought provoking. Even the conversations I had in passing had me thinking differently. Overall, it allowed to think outside of the box when it comes to decision making and innovating in schools and more importantly it reminded me what I am thankful for here in Berwyn!

My Biggest takeaways: 

    • Dr. Edmin encouraged us to start thinking of own passion and power. How do we bring it to the forefront every single day to our students? He reminded us that it is vital that we 'create spaces that allow students to teach us what to do!' He reminded us of the importance of equity in schools. It was invigorating and inspiring. He left us all with a 'call to action' to listen to what our students need and meet each one where they are at. Recap of the session from EdSurge here! 
    • How to create a startup in classrooms? Check out @reshanrichards book here - Great overview on how to build an entrepreneurship program at your school! We are asking students each day to create, why not have them begin to build their own businesses?
    • This panel was slightly different than what I typically attend since it dealt with a more political aspect of education. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the fact it allowed me to reflect on education outside the 4 walls of my school district. Through extensive conversation led by influential educational leaders, this panel was extremely thought provoking. Read a review of the panel from Beth Holland here on EdWeek.
  • Workshop: Future Design School Workshop 
    • The Future Design School led a workshop that was hands-on, engaging, and fun! I had the chance to connect with some new friends and work through the entire design process facilitated but he instructors. By the end of the session we walked away with a full prototype of a social networking app for VR/AR learning! Check out my moment below to learn more. I loved to have the chance to create! 
  • Keynote: Brene Brown 
    • BE VULNERABLE! Need I say more? Truly I have few words to describe her impact on me personally and professionally because she is so overwhelmingly on point and honest. Let's put ourselves out there and learn together! Check out her TED talk here: The power of vulnerability | BrenĂ© Brown